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Guild Applications
Mature individuals with Kara ready gear (to be judged by the Team Captain) looking for serious raiding fun can apply.
Hunter Hunter TWO SPOTS
Mage Mage ONE SPOT
Paladin Paladin TANK/HOLY
Priest Priest HOLY/SHADOW
Shaman Shaman RESTO
Warlock Warlock DESTR/AFFL
Warrior Warrior TANK
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Raid Progression

0/2 - Just started
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Midnights Raiders of Requiem
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Midnight Raiders of the guild REQUIEM take down raid bosses from 23:00 server time, 6 nights a week. With Kara on farm and good progress in ZA we are looking for a few more classes to progress onto 25 man content.

We are serious about having fun when raiding, and we are looking for more like-minded, mature individuals eager to see the end-game to join us before WotLK is released.

Ultimately we are keen to clear all end game content and establish ourselves as one of the top 5 guilds in the Realm




You can view the RAID TEAM RULES HERE


  • Group Calendar 4.0.3 or later (keep current pls) - raid scheduling: Download Here
  • Omen Threat Meter - r72207.1 or later (keep current pls): Download Here
  • Deadly Boss Mods: Download Here
  • XPerl: Download Here
  • Ventrilo: You are not required to have a mic, but working speakers/headphones and a ventrilo client is required. This can be downloaded and installed free of charge. View Drastik's excellent post on Ventrilo For Dummies

Latest boss killed:

Akil'Zon in Zul'Aman

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